A wood-floored staircase
A wood-floored staircase

A staircase is a style statement in every house. Whether it’s designed from hardwood floors or metallic rails, it’s bound to make a great first impression on your guests. Therefore, whether you’re renovating your old house or building a new one, here are five unique staircase ideas you can consider:

Box Newels

Box newels have been trending for the past few years. They are considered as the anchor system of the stairway that works well with various balusters, creating a unique look at your place. You can also customize them to suit your overall home’s style.

Iron Balusters

Balusters are the rods vertically installed between the floor and handrail. They come in various designs and materials. While wood balusters were the main choice in this category, people are now opting for iron balusters.

Iron balusters are becoming popular because of their affordability. You can use them in any home type, whether it’s a custom-built home or a luxury one! From ornate to straight rids, there are many styles when considering iron balusters for your home’s staircase. You can have them colored to match your house’s chandeliers, faucets, hardware, or floor.  

Square Balusters

A wood-floored staircase with square balusters
A wood-floored staircase with square balusters

If you don’t prefer iron balusters, you can incorporate a square baluster in your house. Square balusters that are most common in the market today are paired perfectly with wooden risers. These wooden balusters come in various styles and will compliment your home’s overall aesthetics.   

Stainless Steel and Cable Tube

Stainless steel cable and tubing were initially only restricted to exterior staircases. However, many interior stair systems are also utilizing this design to give their homes a more modern and sleek appeal. The cable is installed horizontally and gives an aura of cleanliness. It also maximizes the view through the staircase, creating a fresh and simple look!

Linear Metal Petals

Consider linear metal panels if you’re looking for the most trending look. They’re a modern stairway design that consists of pre-assembled panels. These are optimum for level run applications, knee wall staircase, and open tread stairs.

It’s essential to enhance the aesthetics of your hardwood flooring to match your preferred stairway design. For hardwood floor installation in Bellevue, reach out to Five Star Hardwood Floor. They install, repair, and refinish hardwood floors with various other services. Contact them today to learn more!        

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