Hardwood flooring in the living room
Hardwood flooring in the living room

Many misconceptions have emerged regarding hardwood flooring over the years. Some believe it’s very expensive, while others think it requires frequent refinishing. These myths have turned off several homeowners from installing hardwood floors in their homes. In reality, hardwood floors improve your house’s aesthetic and last long upon good maintenance. Let’s debunk a few common myths that circulate hardwood floor installation.

Hardwood Scratches Easily

Flooring style and material can wear and tear with time. Nevertheless, hardwood floors are one style that allows you to restore their original finish. The hardwood floor’s finish is susceptible to becoming dull with time. Therefore, all you need is light sanding for your hardwood floor to make it appear as good as new again!

Hardwood Floor Is Expensive

Although hardwood floors might seem expensive compared to other flooring styles, they offer great value. Hardwood floors can last for up to a hundred years with proper installation and maintenance. It can be refinished and sanded several times throughout its lifespan to adopt a new trend or décor style!

Hardwood flooring in the living room
Hardwood flooring in the living room

Hardwood Is Impervious To Dents

While it’s not true that hardwood floors scratch easily, it’s also not true that they are the toughest flooring style. Hardwood floors are durable, but you need to take measures to ensure their integrity isn’t compromised. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to protect your hardwood floors from damage. For example:    

  • Place padded feet under your furniture
  • Lift the furniture when rearranging your interior
  • Avoid dragging stuff on the wooden floors
  • Avoid wearing high heels on hardwood floors

By implementing these measures, you can ensure your hardwood floors survives a good length of time!

You Should Not Invest In Hardwood Flooring When You Intend To Sell Your Home!

This is yet another myth that circulates hardwood flooring. In reality, hardwood floors add more value to your house. You will find some buyers willing to pay more if your property has hardwood flooring. This is because hardwood floors are easier to clean and maintain, making them an ideal choice for adults and kids.

Hardwood floor installation makes any home sophisticated and cozy. If you have a hardwood floor in your house and are looking for floor refinishing services in Woodinville, reach out to Five Star Hardwood Floor. They are Seattle’s top-rated hardwood floor refinishing & staining services. For more details, contact them today!  

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