Hardwood floors are a popular flooring choice among homeowners for their warm aesthetic appeal and superior durability. However, even the strongest floor materials can wear out with time due to heavy foot traffic, sunlight exposure, and pet activities.

You can refinish or sand your hardwood floor to restore its original appeal. But it isn’t a permanent solution to enjoy a long-lasting foundation.

Wondering if you should install new hardwood floors? Read on to learn some signs that indicate it’s time to do it.

Sign # 01: Large Scratches and Marks Cover the Floor

If you’ve got pets roaming around or you move furniture frequently in your home, you probably know how challenging it is to deal with floor scratches and marks.

Minor dings, marks, and scratches aren’t a cause of concern. However, if a large area of your hardwood floor gets scratches and gets tough stains, it’s time to get a new hardwood floor. Because if you overlook them, these scratches can penetrate the floor, causing cracks and allowing space for moisture seepage. This means more damage!

Sign # 02: Moisture Damage/Seepage

Water is your floor’s worst enemy, be it a laminate or a hardwood floor. High-quality, engineered hardwood floors are highly resistant to water damage. However, if your home suffers from plumbing, flooding, or other seepage problems, the premium quality won’t help as well.

It’s because water spills and damage cause the floor to warp, expand, or separate, worsening its integrity and strength. Thus, water damage is one of the critical signs that you need to get new hardwood floors.

Sign # 03: Your Hardwood Floor Makes Weird Noises

If you hear groaning or creaking sounds in your home, we suggest checking your floors first. It’s an indication that your floor has become old and needs replacement as soon as possible.

Hardwood floors start to deteriorate and rot over time. The extreme signs include sagginess and looseness. Don’t ignore these as they will result in more significant damage.

Sign # 04: You’ve Refinished Your Floor for Several Times

Refinishing is a process to restore your hardwood floor’s original appearance and shine. Unfortunately, excessive refinishing leads to thinning out of floors, making them ineffective for floor sanding or refinishing. So if you’ve refinished your floor several times and still notice these signs, get new hardwood floors installed in your homes.

Get Professional Hardwood Floor Installation Services in Seattle

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to get a new hardwood floor installed in your facilities. Fortunately, the process is hassle-free and less demanding in Seattle with Five Star Hardwood Floor’s hardwood flooring services.

They offer hardwood floor installation, floor refinishing, hardwood floor repair, and recoating services in Seattle. They also install custom stairs and sand hardwood floors.

Get in touch with them today to learn more about their services.

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