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Black tower speaker and mirror console on a hardwood floor
Black tower speaker and mirror console on a hardwood floor

If you’re looking for new hardwood floor installation, you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing the perfect hardwood can make all the difference to your flooring project. From design to durability, there is a lot to consider when making the right choice.

Many homeowners have different ideas of what they want, and unfortunately, don’t end up with the result they were hoping for.

So, we’ll help you avoid the three most common mistakes people make when choosing their new hardwood flooring.

Mistake 1: Trying to go cheap

Trying to cut corners in your choice of hardwood flooring can end up costing you more in the long run. Many people think that they can buy a cheaper wood option that’s not going to last, and they can get it fixed later.

But what happens is that the wood starts rotting from the inside out and peeling off in little pieces.

Mistake 2: Confusing engineered wood flooring for real wood

There are many different kinds of engineered flooring available today, and many are advertised as “real wood,” but none match the quality of true hardwood floors.

If you’re shopping for an authentic hardwood floor, you’ll want to make sure that it’s 100% solid wood. However, engineered wood flooring is often better than solid wood when working around plumbing or electrical fittings and is most suitable for high-traffic areas like hallways or foyers.

Empty room having a white wardrobe and hardwood flooring
Empty room having a white wardrobe and hardwood flooring

How to differentiate between real wood and engineered floors? 

Engineered floors come in many different varieties. Some look more like planks, while others look like tiles imitating the look of solid wood.

Inspect each piece of wood by taking off a small strip at the end. If you can see the layers of wood, it’s referred to as a solid wood floor. However, if you do not see any layers, it’s referred to as laminate or engineered planks.

Mistake 3: Not Getting A Pro

You should always get a professional opinion from a flooring contractor in Seattle before finalizing flooring options. That way, you know that you’ve picked out the right color, design, and type of top hardwood flooring for your room. Often, people will make a mistake when they pick out custom hardwood floors without getting a professional opinion first. Then the wood starts coming in, and they don’t like it after all. It’s better to spend a little extra money first, so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Now that you know the common hardwood floor installation mistakes, you can pick the best solid wood floors that fit your needs. Five Star Hardwood Floor is one of the best wood flooring services in Seattle, offering dustless and waterproof hardwood flooring options for you to choose from. Contact them today!

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