Hardwood flooring in a living room
Hardwood flooring in a living room.

Choosing the right flooring type for your new home can be overwhelming. There are several aspects that homeowners must consider, from hiring reliable flooring contractors to considering their family’s needs. While many inexpensive flooring options are available, including laminate or vinyl floors, the hardwood floor stands out for its increased durability and strength. Continue reading this article to understand what makes hardwood flooring better than laminate floors.   

Some Facts about Laminate Flooring

  • Many homeowners consider installing laminate floors due to its low cost. However, this inexpensive alternative to hardwood floors might require costly replacements in the future.
  • Laminate flooring requires adhesives and glues for installation. Also, it needs an underlayment or concrete-based subfloors to withstand heavy traffic and furnishing.
  • Unlike hardwood floors, laminate flooring only lasts for 15 to 25 years with proper care and maintenance.  
  • Without an underlayment, laminate flooring can reflect the dents and bulges of the subfloors.  
  • Despite the concrete subfloor, laminate flooring can’t withstand heavy foot traffic and isn’t ideal for commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, schools, etc.
  • Homeowners must ensure regular maintenance to increase the lifespan of their laminate flooring.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring in a cozy living room
Hardwood flooring in a cozy living room
  • Compared to laminate flooring, natural or engineered hardwood can last for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.
  • Hardwood floors can be installed over any subfloor without reflecting the impressions from underneath.
  • Hardwood floors can withstand heavy foot traffic and furnishing without denting. Thus, they are ideal for commercial and residential purposes.
  • Engineered hardwood doesn’t require any adhesives or glues to install. The planks come with a click-together feature that allows safe and DIY flooring installation.
  • They are easier to clean and maintain.
  • They improve indoor air quality because they don’t trap dirt, allergens, dust, etc.
  • Hardwood floors boost property value and enhance the indoor aesthetics of your house.
  • They are like an investment, which brings back profitable returns to homeowners.
  • Hardwood floors come in various textures, finishes, and designs, allowing every individual to meet their style and preference.
  • People are more likely to buy a house consisting of hardwood floors than one that does not.

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