With the increase in environmental consciousness globally, there has been a boost in innovative ideas and inventions. These inventions provide an alternative solution to elements causing pollution and contributing to global warming and climate change.

The use of metallic straws, paper bags, and cloth bags is promoted nowadays to reduce pollution and protect the environment. One such invention that can be said to have a positive environmental impact is engineered wood.

Engineered wood is not sourced from trees. Whereas, solid wood is naturally procured from trees and used in hardwood flooring to give a natural and authentic look to the floors.

Whether you choose engineered hardwood flooring or take a more natural route, there are benefits as well as disadvantages of both.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring:


  • Engineered wood is not affected by environmental changes. It can survive temperature and humidity changes and won’t contract or expand.
  • It is environmentally friendly and creates less waste, and does not require cutting down of a massive number of trees.
  • Installing floors using engineered wood is easier as compared to solid hardwood.
  • It has more variety and versatility than solid wood.
  • It generally costs less to install engineered hardwood floors.
  • It requires less maintenance.


  • It cannot be sanded as much as solid wood, depending on veneer thickness.
  • Except in humid areas, thinner engineered woods will not last long.
  • It will not have a long life compared to solid wood unless it has a thick wear layer.

Solid Harwood Flooring:


  • It can be refinished an indefinite number of times.
  • It is more durable than engineered wood.
  • It looks beautiful and natural and makes the space more aesthetically pleasing.
  • An interior with good quality of solid wood can increase the property value.
  • The color of solid hardwood flooring rarely fades.


  • It is not an environmentally safe option as it leads to trees being cut.
  • It is not as cost-effective to install solid hardwood flooring, unlike engineered hardwood flooring.
  • It changes with the weather and environment changes. It can warp and bow in dry and humid areas.
  • It is much harder to maintain.

What’s The Better Option?

There are no straightforward answers to these questions. Many factors contribute to selecting either type of wood for flooring.

Consider your priroities and needs before taking a pick.

To get a more detailed understanding and advice about which flooring to choose, contact Five Star Hardwood Flooring. They provide all sorts of flooring services, such as installing, repairing, and refinishing in Seattle and its surrounding areas.

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