If winters are your favorite season, you’d want the serene snow carpeting to last a few months at least. It’s truly peaceful to see time freeze on the bare branches in the form of water crystals. Life slows down during the colder months, and it seems like you’re living in a dream.

Nobody wants to wake up from a beautiful dream. That’s why we’re offering you ways to turn your home into a winter wonderland. Turn your home into a living landscape that you admire in a snow globe with just a few changes in the interiors.

All you need is to think along the lines of what colors you like most in winters, and emulate those in your interior décor.

To start with, here are some suitable wood shades for the floor of your winter home.

· Snowdrop

If you want to give your floors a completely bleached look without opting for porcelain or ceramic tiles, snowdrop-colored wood is perfect for you. This is by far the most demure shade of white that won’t show visible signs of the natural patterns of wood. Much like dark hardwood, this is a neutral tone that offers you a free hand to experiment with different colors.

· Malibu

Add a few drops of warmth in an all-white snowdrop shade and you’ll get the ideal Malibu color. This shade is just a tone warmer than snowdrop. But even with a Malibu-colored wood, you can create the look of snow settling on all surfaces.

However, if you want to be wary of the cold atmosphere that white shades create, this is the right shade for you and will give your interiors a much-needed warmth.

· Ivory

When we say winters, white isn’t the only shade that comes to mind. A lot of other tones are symbolic of this season, such as gray. If you want to capture the look and feel of winters in its entirety, ivory is the right choice.

It’s a blended combination of gray and white, with relatively prominent natural wood patterns. With an ivory-paneled wood floor, you’ll have a pleasing gradient between whites and grays, which offers a shift in the mood than just a one-mood-one-color wood choice.  

· Rustic Snowdrop

Who doesn’t like a rustic appeal in winter-themed interiors? This stands alone as a statement color, made from a mix of white and gray as well as a hint of warm gold. Blended to perfection, all these tones stand out in this wood shade while never appearing exclusive.

Paneling your floors with rustic snowdrop will allow you to maintain a modern look in your interiors while adding a touch of amusing rustic tones. Complement this shade of wood with any contrasting color for your décor and you’ll have a picture-perfect winter home.  

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