You don’t want your home to trigger the moody blues in you; you’d rather feel like you’re in the pink of health and cheer!

This example shows precisely how we use colors in our language to convey moods and emotions. Using certain colors in interiors sets certain moods permanently. So, you don’t want to go with a color that you don’t like 9 out of the 12 months in a year. Pick a shade that brings happiness to you whenever you set eyes on it.

If you’re one for adventure and experimentation, 2020 is the time to try that. Here are some new color trends that’ll take the interior industry by a storm. Check them out to see if you’ve found a new favorite.


This color is going to take over interior trends this year! If you’ve loved the sparkling gold drink in your crystal glasses, you might like a splash of that color on your walls too. This is one of the most versatile tones because they can range from muted neutrals to extravagant warm tones. Contrary to the standard white-walled rooms, a champagne-toned room will definitely feel several degrees warmer.

It’s not only comforting to the eyes but also a great combination to pick with dark espresso hardwood. Much like the hardwood, champagne adds an earthy tone to the entire mood of the room. Not to mention, it can enhance the gleam and richness of any environment greatly. Add a few gold décor pieces on your tables and walls, and you’ll have a space rendered complete in gold tones.

Navy Blue

Is there anyone who hasn’t fawned over navy blue? This is the ultimate statement of regality, which if infused with your interiors, really brings out the richness of your taste. This dark blue navy hue is all your newly-renovated home needs to feel full of life. Dull enough to please those who prefer being surrounded by calmness and rich enough to excite creativity, this color brings the best of both worlds.

Paint one wall as an accented statement or divide surfaces across the space with a coat of blue—it works wonderfully in every way. Give your home a welcoming appeal that matches the modern-chic decor with this color.

Olive Green

If you’ve been a nature enthusiast, you’d definitely fall for this color at first sight.  A winner at Milan Design Week 2019, this color has won the hearts of many. Mimicking the look and appeal of nature, this color will give you a taste of outdoors within the comfort of your home.

Creating an environment as serene as a lush garden, this color can be experimented with accents of rustic gold. That certainly adds a bit of extravagance to this simple green. But the richer, the better! The best part about this color yet is that it sits perfectly well with dark hardwood floors and furniture.

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