If you suffer from asthma or other respiratory disorders, you’d know that dust is a killer. It can trigger asthma attacks and breathing problems. So spring-cleaning or home renovations are not really a favorable time!

If you suffer from any such ailments or are generally a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning, you’d like to know more about dustless ways of refinishing your wood floors.

If you’ve had woodwork in your house previously, you’d know quite well the amount of waste it produces. There are wood shavings and dust lying in heaps and flying about in the air. It’s not just an eyesore for someone who likes to keep their place spick and span but also a serious health hazard.

Packing bags and leaving is not everyone can sign up for. This is why many people are bound to delay getting their floors refinished—just because they don’t have alternate arrangements. That’s when dustless refinishing comes in handy.

Less Waste, Easier Clean Up

This is the part most homeowners are concerned with. True, refinishing can revive the look and life in your hardwood floors. But this also means there’s a huge price to pay for that renovation. No, we’re not talking about the service charges. The immense waste it creates and the hours it requires to clean up is the payment homemakers pay with sweat and blood.

It’s nearly impossible to scoop up all the wood shavings and dust in your dust pan when they’re flying about in the air.

No matter how fantastic your floors look after the service, it’s not easy to appreciate the change when you have loads to clean up. And without this technique, no hardwood contractors can guarantee a truly clean service with zero waste.

With dustless refinishing, you can sit back and enjoy the new look because everything else is taken care of.

No Threat of Airborne Allergens

Minimizing the production of waste can have a major impact on the amount of allergens present in the air. However, with dust particles released during the wood floor refinishing process, there’s an abundance of airborne allergens that can attack you. This is a serious health concern for the elderly, infants, young animals and patients in the vicinity. Basically anyone with a weakened or underdeveloped immunity is susceptible to contracting illnesses due to these allergens.

With dustless sanding, you can maintain the safety standards in your living space. This is particularly helpful in offices and hospitals where anyone might be suffering from a chronic illness or allergy.

Less Time Consuming

In case of workplaces, conventional sanding and refinishing means that work has to come to a halt. This is because employees can’t be asked to remain at their work stations while all kinds of allergens are traveling through the air.

Since it’s nearly impossible to move hardware from one place to another, a day off can mean a considerable loss for the company.

It’s not just the service time that goes into the entire refinishing process; it’s the clean-up later that will cause a delay in work. With dustless refinishing, companies don’t have to worry about a lag in work progress because the service can be carried on simultaneously without interruptions.

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