Nothing brings elegance to a living room like a hardwood floor. The color, beauty, and feel of natural wood add a touch of luxury and class to living room interior design. This is why many interior designers go for hardwood floors to give houses a clean, modern, yet expensive feel.

If you are thinking of opting for a hardwood floor to design or redesign your living room, these ideas might help you decide the look and styling for the rest of the room around it.

Modern Beach-House Styled Living Hall

Make the most of modern interior design ideas by embracing light colors and clean lines when it comes to furniture and hardware.

Bring natural light in with a feature glass-wall, put a statement black center-table in the center, and add life to empty corners with a couple of contemporary matching décor pieces and plants.

To finish the look, go with the same light-colored palette for any additional furniture pieces like shelves or cabinets, and you’re done!

Cheerful Orange Modern-Styled Living Space

This is the perfect example of playing around with colors.

The living room in the picture manages to blend creative, colorful, and modern design remarkably well, with an elegantly laid out hardwood floor.

To achieve a similar effect, add a statement wall to the room in your favorite color, and accentuate that by focusing on light-colored furniture to bring out the statement color in accents; for example, cushions, wall pieces, and rugs.

Complete the look by filling in any empty corners with plants and bring in plenty of natural light through neat, uncovered windows.

A Mix-And-Matched Gypsy-Styled Pastel Look—Don’t Be Afraid To Create Your Own Palette

Hardwood and pastels are a match made in heaven. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pastels together to create a blended gypsy-styled look.

Style the rest of your living room with tidy décor pieces like candles, flower vases or lamps. Add a couple of paintings to the wall and a shiny side table to complement the elegant wooden floor.

Finish the look with soft rugs and a statement, textured wall.

If you’re thinking of going for hardwood to design your living room, get it installed by Five Star Hardwood Floor in Redmond. Check out their work online. The company also provides wood floor finishing and Floor refinishing Seattle. Call (425) 802-7517 for more information.

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