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Hardwood is the most sought-after flooring material when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a home. It adds a touch of elegance and class to any interior design theme; this is especially true for modern designs, giving your house that warm and inviting look that makes it feel like ‘home.’

Hardwood floors are beautiful, which is why it’s important to style your house around them in a way that the floors and design complement each other.

So if you’re re-doing your house around some elegant hardwood floors, keep these tips in mind.

Style Choice—Opt For A Clean Look

Hardwood goes well with traditional interiors, but with modern interior design, it serves as a statement element.

You can go one step further and bring out the drama in all the right corners by adding contemporary cabinets, backlit hardware, and furniture that embraces clean lines.

Let The Light Come In

Dark hardwood floors give off a dark, luxurious aura that is perfect for nighttime get-togethers or sophisticated family dinners, but the space could use a little light during the day to prevent it from looking dreary.

Find clever ways to bring some natural light in with bright-colored rugs or accent elements, light-colored cabinets, or white walls that reflect light better.   

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Colors

Since hardwood floors are pretty neutral, they bring out the best in every color theme. Don’t be afraid to go wild with colorful ideas; try yellows, mustard, greens, pinks, or even neon.

Bright colors will take the spotlight away from the floor and cast the eye toward the cheerful theme, playful furniture, and interesting accents.

Mix—Don’t Match

Hardwood floors serve as an independent, statement element in the house and don’t require the rest of the design to match them.

Clean, modern interior design approaches involve purposefully blending the wooden aesthetic of the floor with trim, contemporary furniture and artistic styling to create timeless themes that vibe both elegance, and cheerfulness.

Cushion The Hardness

Everything requires balance, and so does interior design and décor.

Since hardwood is dark and hard, a good way to balance these properties out would be to add softer fabrics and lighter colors in the area. Consider fluffy rugs, light colored curtains and glass lamps to bring out the light in your space.

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