Stronger, durable, and not to mention prettier than laminate, hardwood floors have been a premier flooring choice for centuries.

So if you have old hardwood floors in your home, you’re in luck. Throughout the years, the flooring industry has fine-tuned its craft, improving upon existing techniques so your hardwood floors can gleam and shine with the best of them, despite being a century old!

So if you want to have your antique hardwood floors restored to their former glory, here are some kernels of wisdom, courtesy of the experts at Five Star Hardwood Floor in Seattle, WA.

Renewing Your Old Floors—Deciding on the Right Service

Managing Subtle Damage

First, let’s discuss whether your old floors need a complete refinishing or not.

If your property’s been closed up for years, the damage might be a lot less severe than you’d think. However, the floors will still require deep cleaning. While dust and dirt can be swept away, it leaves micro-scratches on the floor that need to be removed.

One way to do that is to thoroughly clean the floors again, using a soft bristle broom. Stiff bristles can scratch up your floors even more, so it’s better to use something gentle.

Next, use a vacuum (a handheld one for those hard-to-reach places), and clean the corners of the room, especially between the floorboards.

Next, use a microfiber cloth and a hardwood floor cleaner to clean the area.

Note: never use water, vinegar, or any product that creates suds to clean the floors.

After that, you’ll need to clean your floors every two days using a vacuum so there’s no dirt or dust left behind.

A Complete Refinishing

If your hardwood floors have, in fact, sustained a lot of damage, it calls for a professional.

While there are lots of products available which you can use to Refinishing wood floors Seattle, you can’t use the same techniques and products for antique hardwood.

In this case, only an expert will be able to determine how much damage your floors have sustained, what sort of care the particular wood warrants, and whether your floor needs additional repairs before it can be restored.

Unfortunately, some scrapes and scratches are beyond quick fixes. Dry, dusty floors with extensive damage due to heavy foot traffic or extreme weather conditions will require a lengthy, labor-intensive restoration process before they can be sanded and re-stained.

Finding a Professional

When finding a local contractor, always look for a vendor that offers complete information before you book their services. Companies such as Five Star Hardwood Floor in Seattle, WA are well-known for their customer service and transparency. From solid wood flooring installation to refinishing, they offer affordable rates with no hidden charges.

So if you want to restore your floors to their former glory, opt for a company like Five Star Hardwood Floor. Just be sure to provide them with complete information on previous services (or any DIY adventures) your floors have had so they can act accordingly!

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