Due to how long-lasting and durable hardwood floors are, most homeowners don’t realize how much damage these floors endure until it’s glaringly obvious.

Streaks, scratches, marks, faded colors—a ton of factors strip your hardwood floors of their once-glorious beauty over the years.

And since hardwood floors are meant to last for decades, some people think that all they have to do to restore their luster is a wipe with a damp cloth, and perhaps some polish. That’s where you’d be wrong!

DIY-ing hardwood floor repairs is not only ineffective, but in many ways, it also damages your floors!

The Truth about Hardwood Floor Repairs

The Truth about Hardwood Floor Repairs

Hardwood floor damage is complex. So if you try to do the repairs yourself, you won’t be able to do a good enough job.

Keep in mind, hardwood floor planks are derived from natural wood. And like all organic materials, wood planks also have a certain lifespan.

Over time, the wood can crack due to its oils drying out, the slats can shift because of moisture intrusion, the surface can get stained, and it can even attract termites. Your floors can also bulge, buckle, or warp if there are extreme weather changes.

So, for example, if you’re located in Washington and have hardwood flooring Seattle, they will be more susceptible to damage over time because of the humid weather conditions.

Your floors will also be susceptible to certain termites. If you live in Arizona, your floors will start cracking if they aren’t maintained due to the extreme heat.

In every location, your hardwood floors experience a different range of damage. As such, just a wipe with a good cloth will definitely not be enough to make them good as new, or stronger.

The Benefits of Professional Wood Floor Repairs

According to Five Star Hardwood Floor in Seattle, WA, there’s a complete process that goes into repairing hardwood floors:

When we repair hardwood floors, we fill all the cracks, gouges, and holes before sanding. We then assess the damage and, if needed, only replace the damaged area. We also add new planks that match the existing undamaged floor, and refinish it all to match to achieve a seamless look that makes it look like the floor was never damaged.

Only when the floor repairs are completed does the professional stain the floor with a water-based stain and a durable top coat, which is required to protect the end result.


When it comes to protecting your home investment, doing your research on the matter can prevent further damage and financial losses.

So now that you know that DIY-ing your home floor repair is not an option, take the right step. Contact a professional in wood floor repair like Five Star Hardwood Floor in Redmond or Kirkland, WA. And be sure to let them know of the extent of the damage so they know what to expect!

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