Hardwood flooring comes in a stunning array of options to choose from. They make a home feel cozy and make commercial areas look expensive and luxe. Hardwood floors are still the most popular flooring option chosen today by homeowners. Here are some stunning hardwood variants to check out.

 Distressed wide planks

While some homeowners prefer a more traditional, put-together look for the interiors of their home, others prefer something a little more rustic. Distressed wood gives a home that casual and lived-in look that’s quite popular at the minute.

Wide plank flooring means that there are fewer seams to take care of and the installation is quicker. Wide planks can be manufactured in a number of wood types to match the ideal look you’re going for. Pair the distressed wood with floral accents around the room or more vintage-inspired pieces like pastel accents.

Reclaimed pine

Pine trees grow in abundance in the great white north, but reclaimed pine comes from historical buildings. It’s an ideal way to reuse this sturdy wood, especially with the amount of emphasis being placed on sustainability and recycling.

Reclaimed pine adds a bit of mystery to interiors, mainly due to its historical background. It looks luxurious and can easily be incorporated into various interior styles.

Maple plank

Maple wood is known for its deep and rich color. This wood has a distinct look that’s almost instantly recognizable. The rich brown with a hint of red brings warmth to a room. Its color paired with light walls makes for a stunning combination. You can really make your floors the center of attention with maple planks.

Red oak

Red oak is known universally for its ability to work in all kinds of interiors. It has a vibrant look and reddish tones that coordinate with any kind of design you’re going for. Oak is known for its superior durability and quality, making it ideal for high traffic areas around the home.

Ebonized hardwood

Ebonizing wood refers to the process of iron staining wood. Iron oxide reacts with the tannins found naturally in the wood to give it its deep, dark color. Ebonized wood is created through the fibers of the planks instead of just staining the top-most layer of the wood.

Ebonized wood adds a whole lot of luxury to a home. This flooring option isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ll have to design your interiors carefully to incorporate this dark wood effectively. Most homeowners opt for dark furniture and white walls when choosing this type of flooring.

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