For decades, homemakers have been resorting to solid hardwood as their first choice of flooring. But time doesn’t guarantee better quality, especially in an age when technology is evolving every second.

Engineered wood is one such example which is increasingly substituting solid hardwood in residential flooring. This is not only because it preserves the timeless appeal of wood paneling in urban homes, but also protects the textured grain of natural timber through engineering. The result is better quality wood panels that last longer than ever before.

Even though both solid and engineered hardwood is made from 100% wood; the latter adapts better to modern needs.

Let’s face it: even though we like the warmth wooden floors add to our rooms but we don’t want to invest in something that doesn’t stand the test of time. Here’s why engineered wood is a better choice of floor and a safer deal to invest in.

Better construction

If you have any knowledge of how the furniture industry thrives, you’d know that solid hardwood planks are directly cut out from a thick piece of lumber. The width of a solid plank can vary from three-quarters of an inch to 7/16-inch. In comparison, engineered wooden boards are a sturdy construction of a wood layer at the top and bottom, and a high-density fiberboard sandwiched in the middle. This makes them tough as they’re engineered to maximize strength.

Expansion and contraction

Because of its engineered design, the structure of wood becomes rigid and unmoving. It doesn’t gap or buckle under pressure, or change in size in different temperatures. If you live in a region where the weather is great, that largely means you’ll see a fair share of snow and sun and it won’t be the same every day. Even though this is conducive to comfort, it’s not very suitable for solid hardwood because it expands and contracts. Engineered wood on the other hand doesn’t fluctuate and can be installed equally well in basements.


The 3-ply layering of wood and fiberboard in engineered wood makes it more resistant to impact. Wear and tear can shave off many years from the expected duration your wood paneling is expected to survive in good condition. Even though solid hardwood is also coated with a protective layer, it doesn’t match engineered wood in terms of durability.


The multiple layers within a single plank of engineered wood makes them more stable than hardwood floors.


Unless you’re really into the raw, rustic look of wood after it ages over a span of many years, you won’t like the look of your hardwood floors 5 years down the lane. This is because they develop scratches and dents and need sanding and refinishing. Engineered wood floors look as attractive as brand new for a long time and only need touch ups once or twice.


If you’re on a budget and still want to get wooden flooring in your home, engineered wood is the option to go with. Apart from all the other benefits mentioned above, engineered wood is also more affordable because it’s not hardwood entirely and requires lower labor and installation costs as well.

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