3 Wood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks

Don’t you just love the subtle gleam of your newly polished and waxed hardwood floor? There’s nothing like the look of a classic wood-paneled floor in a modern house. Wood has been a popular choice in flooring materials for good reason and it shows.

The shine won’t last if you walk all over it. But since that’s what floors are meant for, you need to look for other maintenance hacks that help you keep the floor spotlessly clean. You may plan to get your floor polished every few years but it’s not until you get stuck in a financial crunch that you realize it’s not all that easy. Knowing all DIY tricks and maintenance hacks keeps the floors looking perfectly polished for years.

Dirt and grime can find easy hiding places in the weave of a carpet but it shows on a plain hardwood surface. You probably don’t want people eyeing your floors with distaste and this is why these cleaning tips will come in handy.

Dust and Sweep Daily

This is like the bare minimum you can do to save the hefty investment you made in installing wood flooring in the house. Use a microfiber mop or a soft fabric to dust your floors every day. This is essential because dust particles can leave scratch marks on the smooth surface under friction. You want to minimize that as much as possible. Dust is also harmful for respiratory problems as it carries allergens that need to be swept away before they cause allergies. The mop will wipe away every particle without leaving behind any traces of dirt.

Weekly Vacuum Schedule

Weekly Vacuum Schedule

The daily cleaning routine is simple and quick. You can get away with the job by swiping the mop once across the surface. But your hardwood floors will need additional treatment on a weekly basis. Your mop may not be able to reach the spaces between hardwood planks and you need a vacuum to clean areas that are hard to reach. However, care must be taken while dragging the vacuum machine across the floor because the wheels can leave behind marks in their tread that’ll damage the hardwood. If you’re using a wet mop instead, make sure you don’t douse the fabric with a cleaner or water. Lightly spray wood cleaner on the surface and wipe it off quickly.

Monthly Polish Routine

Good maintenance doesn’t come easy, and definitely not with a simple cleaning routine. If you want to keep your floors looking clean and glossy, you’ll need to give them a special polishing service every month or two. Your cleaning products may wear out the smooth finish of hardwood and polishing it will renew the gleam. Polishing also addresses the scratches by filling them out and resealing the protective top layer. If you’re worried how hectic the job is going to be, don’t be because it’s an easy chore to manage once in a while.

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